VI Internacionalni biološki kamp – Stolac 2016

Prenosimo poziv Društva studenata biologije za učešće na VI Međunarodnom biološkom kampu – Stolac 2016:

Dear youth and students,

Association of Biology Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina organizes The Sixth International Biology Camp, Stolac 2016 !!!

The Sixth International Biology Camp will be held in the municipality of Stolac starting from Tuesday, August 2 and it will last until Sunday, August 7. The main goal of the camp is to evaluate the existing biodiversity in order to estimate the need for protection of the area.

It is also expected for this camp to enable participants to exchange ideas, knowledge, to collect biological materials and conduct scientific research!

Through this project we strive to create a regional and international network of experienced biologists, students and researchers.

You can find more information about the camp as well as the application form on:

Deadline for registration is 20 July 2016.

Stolac 2016 (druga)

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